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dropping class

August 18th, 2006 at 10:36 pm

hey all! time for my weekly blog.
i have made a decision...that i am dropping my class this semester due to the fact that we need to make more $. currently, i am being offered a ton of overtime(26 hours in 3 weeks), and it seems like the end is no where near to it. it is tiring, but i do not want to live like i have been and have the opportunity to end it with hard work.
my class would be at 8am, with me getting off work at 7am...no overtime on monday, wed, and fri. financial aid is a joke...giving me about $100/month(seriously!), and i can make about $400-$500/month extra in overtime.
I had to promise my fiance that i WOULD go back to school, but right now, we are in a crunch, and i beleive it is the best thing for us. priority #1...fiances car getting payed off. it can be done in 6 months if all goes to plan. it probably won't go to plan, BUT, it will get payed off faster than a year.
i really want to get my degree, but some sacrifices need to be made if life is going to get better. this is no longer all about me, 2 of us are together now, and i need to think about our well being now.
now let me read all the other blogs and see how everyone else is doin!

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