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what was i thinking?

August 14th, 2006 at 02:14 am

alright...this is what happened.
i was asked by a co-worker if i could work for them on there shift.
i said yes, and it comes with 2 hours of overtime(i love overtime!)(every little bit helps).
the problem is....i am getting used to a new schedule, and i am going to have to work their shift(they work mine), then i am going to have to race home, crash out for about 5 hours, then get back up and hit my shift again.
nothing like starting the week out tired. everytime i mess up my schedule it takes me about 3 days to get back to sleeping right.
oh well, a lot of people have it worse and work swing shifts. i think i will just be grateful for the overtime, do my duty, see how it goes, and then watch what i agree to next time.

1 Responses to “what was i thinking?”

  1. LdyFaile Says:

    I've done that a time or two. As long as it's just once in a while it seems to be ok, if it's any more regular then I can't wake up when I need to.

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