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2 goals down, 2 to go

August 20th, 2006 at 01:44 am

ok, got my 2nd paycheck from the new job, with the 10 hours of overtime.
it was nice....wow. of course, it is almost all gone now though!
1st goal: pay back parents for 1/2 of 6 months of car insurance i didn't have 2 weeks ago($150)(didn't have first paycheck yet)
2nd goal:get new tires($200), i have let a lot of things go the last couple of years just trying to make ends meet, and i am trying to take care of the most serious things first...bald tires, not good!
3rd goal to come: new brakes(brand new everything for brakes)(they are grinding, but it is my fault because i had to cut corners the last time, and it lasted me around 2 years)rotors, calipers and pads. good news? best bud is doing it for free, cost of parts should be around $140, cost at the shop...??i think around $400.
4th goal:fiances health insurance, $200/month, not due for a while, at least not until 2 paychecks from now.
then, after this is taken care of, we look at her car....but it is not in as bad a shape as mine(i let it go...rent and electric is more important than tires and brakes)(until they get real bad,LOL). then make ideas as to when to pay that stuff off, whatever it is.
once this stuff is taken care of, THEN it is time to start saving more.
of course, stuff will come up, but that is what the emergency fund is for, right? gotta get that done,too!!

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