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4days off/collections

November 26th, 2006 at 07:38 am

i have had a great and very needed 4 days off. i am sooo grateful for everything i have been given, and everything was just great.
we went out to eat on thanksgiving at a REALLY nice place and just stuffed ourselves silly. no stress at all no one getting crazy over the stuffing or turkey....it was perfect.
last night i got a collection notice from a phone service provider i had about 8 years ago when i was in college for $128. i will be able to pay it off with savings, and i refuse to let it bring me down. i am just grateful that i HAVE SAVINGS to do this with.
my wife is less than thrilled with my responsibility issues with $ from the past though. i have not lied to her about $ though, and told her that i was not reponsible in the past from the start.
the only thing that i could think of that the phone bill could be from is that i forgot to cancel service or something when i moved out of my college apartment, or i had long distance fees that i forgot about.
either way, it is still my responsibilty to take care of, and i will pay it off as soon as possible. i will not deispute the bill due to the fact that it is entirely plausible that i owe that $, and there will be no way to prove that i don't owe it. so the hell with it,lol. plus, we will be looking for a house soon, and i DO NOT want a collects on my credit.
even though it is a pain, it could be worse, and in a way i welcome things like that happening and reminding me of just how screwed up i was....it is easy for a person like me to get comfortable with things going well like they are and slip right back into a rut and stop being careful with bills and savings ect ect.
hope everyone had a good holiday!!!

keep your chin up!!

1 Responses to “4days off/collections”

  1. janH Says:

    One day when our kids are not around on Thanksgiving day, we have thought of going out to eat the dinner. Glad it was a good holiday for you!

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