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day before payday, weekly savings

July 27th, 2006 at 04:52 am

ok, after bills are payed, i am left with $70 for the week. being a math major, i make that into $10/day(i am a MENSA member).
well, after it is all said and done, i have saved $25, maybe more depending on how i do tonight. this is also with me doig a lot of extra driving for this new job that i wouldn't normally be doing, and filling the tank up again. so i would have saved more $, but the gas will just go into next week.
i am usually sweating wether or not i am going to have push my car into the gas station after i get payed on fri morning, not having the $ to put gas in for 2 days or so.
glad those days are over. for now at least(knock on wood).lol.
i am going to go jump on the bed and wake my fiance up, hopefully not having her injure me in the process(i love it!!!)
hope everyone has a great day!!(jump on the bed of someone you love, entertaining yourself is the key to....something, i forgot)(the hell with it)LOL

1 Responses to “day before payday, weekly savings”

  1. ima saver Says:

    I use to love to jump on the bed!!

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