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getting married monday

October 13th, 2006 at 10:18 pm

well people, the big day is Monday. after looking at our finances, and realizing that we are so strapped, which things are a lot better now than they were when i first came here(A LOT BETTER!), we decided to get married early due to the fact that my fiance's work does not offer insurance.... i just got insurance at my new job.
we pay $200/month for her insurance, and it is just killing us(along with her $300/month car payment). all of the overtime i am working is BARELY covering the insurance(our finaces are right on with my regular time at work, but the overtime was paying just enough to cover the insurance). all of a sudden, work is getting slower and no overtime is available, therefore putting us way below our financial needs.
my insurance is $70/month for me, and $70/month for her. so we will be going from $270 to $140/month, which will give us a lot of breathing room.
of course, this is not ideal, and we are keeping it from a lot of people to not take it away from our wedding in june, but it is either that, or reducing her coverage, and if something does happen, then we will owe a lot more, or her not having coverage at all, either of which is not an option.
i think this is the smartest thing we could do, and the lady at the courthouse says she sees it all the time. we are not having it published until june, and like i said, parents and close families are going to be notified, that is all.
keep us in your thoughts and prayers on monday!

"things remembered"sale

August 5th, 2006 at 09:44 pm

alright, went to the mall today with the fiance, ended up at "things remembered" to look at possible things to get for the wedding next summer.
turns out they are having a buy 2 get one for free sale(equal or lesser value).
so, we knocked out the guest book, ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket(1 item $60),champagne flutes($60), cake server set($40), present for Mom-in-law(free $20), embroidered throw blanket(free, going to display at reception $20), unity candle set($50 free) rewards club member, -$15.00.
total savings: $105.00
everything needed for wedding, better quality than most places, and cheaper than any bridal shop.
i am sure that a lot of people out there are getting married, know someone getting married, or just like this store(my first time there)so i thought i would pass on this sale.